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Simon Bridger
I recommend Glasses2Home for choice and value for money; I even think their technicians are better than the high street.
Simon Boyling
I got my new glasses within 5 days and I still can't believe I only paid £40 for a lens that I have paid up to £200 for in the past that normally cost £200!. Never again will I be buying my lenses infrom the high street. I am recommending all my friends Glasses 2 Home to you too.
Sara Callendar
Their frames were comparably cheaper, and their lens options were dramatically substantially cheaper as well.
Michael Allet
I’ve used online glasses 2 home twice,Both times I’ve had excellent service and more importantly, professional, unbiased advice (they didn’t just try to flog me the most expensive lens). Thanks! To glasses2home
Wole Akanabi
I’ve reglazed my glasses using an online provider before. What I found is I would never ever get this price anywhere, At end the quality matters as wel
James Allen
Both time and money saved.
Steve Cornish
Just one word- Brilliant
William Allin
Nevertheless, I still reglaze my glasses frame every 2 years as the frame is pure titanium so it should last a lifetime and still looks as good as the day I bought them.
Kris Amike
Not only were their frames comparably cheaper, but their lens options were dramatically substantially cheaper as well.- Thanks for saving my money.
Gemma Bamber
I would like to thank you for professional advice and services.
Keith Blundell
I really like the way website helps us to select frame and glasses.I am also advertising your website to my friends and country mates. I will really like the glasses and frame.
Jenny Boatman
Excellent place to buy. Don’t go anywhere else
Gary Cox
I felt extremely happy and am pleased to say my glasses arrived a few days later and I am delighted. ” I am very pleased with Glasses 2 Home ! Recommended !
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