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1. About Us
arr About us
arr Our Promise
arr Mission
arr Vision
arr Quality
arr Our Strength
2. Contact Us
arr Contact Us
arr Customer services
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3. Eye Care & Test
arr Eye Care & Test
4. Why Buy From Us
arr Why buy from G2H
arr Is buying glasses online safe?
arr Will my glasses fit and suit me when I buy online?
5. Ordering
arr Ordering process
arr What information I need while ordering?
arr Has my order been shipped
arr How can I change my order?
arr Any queries about your order ?
6. Delivery
arr Delivery
arr Packaging
arr How can I track my order?
arr My order has been despatched but I have not received yet?
7. Returning policy.
arr Return
arr How do I return Product?
arr I received the wrong product.
arr What is your return policy?
8. Frame
arr Can I use my own frame?
arr Can I buy frames only?
arr Understanding Your Frame Size?
arr Already Wear Glasses?
arr Does my frame need an adjustment?
arr Some tips to help you with your selection?
9. Spectacle Lenses
arr What are the lenses made of?
arr What Lens types I can choose
  arr Varifocals
  arr Bifocals
  arr Single Vision
arr Correct Lens
arr Choosing The Correct Lense
  arr Standard Plastic CR39 (1.5)
  arr Plastic (1.6)
  arr Plastic (1.67)
  arr Plastic (1.74)
arr Lens Coatings
  arr Tints
  arr Photochromic
  arr Polarized
  arr Anti Reflective
  arr Scratch- resistant coating
  arr UV protection
10. Prescriptions.
arr Entering your prescription
arr How do I can get prescription?
arr How do I interpret prescription and enter on website?
arr What type of glasses do I need? Distance, Intermediate, Reading, or Bifocal / Progressive Spectacles?
arr I can't log in my prescription on your site!
arr I cannot enter my prescription on your site.
arr What do I do if I provide you prescription or other details incorrectly?
arr What is Pupillary Distance?
arr Prescription Examples
  arr Prescription Example 1
  arr Prescription Example 2 NHS
  arr Prescription Example 3
  arr Prescription Example 4
  arr Prescription Example 5
  arr Prescription Example 6
11. Reglazing
arr Reglazing
arr Do you sell prescription sunglasses?
12. My Account
arr How do I create an account?
arr How do I edit my account information?
arr I have forgotten my password?
arr How much will the postage cost?
13. Terms & Condition
arr Terms & Condition
arr Return Policy
arr Return Conditions
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arr How to Return
arr Customer's Obligation.
arr Delivery Terms
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arr Limitation of Supply.
arr Price Policy
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About Us

Glasses2Home is an online prescription eyewear and accessories store. We sell Prescription glasses, Sunglasses, Frames only, Lenses only, Contact lenses, and accessories.

We endeavour to redefine the way the industry operates, providing you with the most reliable, quick and easy shopping experience. We have team of qualified and experienced specialist who will advise and deals with your prescription from start to finish. In addition to our comprehensive range, we also cater for bespoke and customised made- to- order requests.

Our Promise

To offer you quality, reliability, and no nonsense guarantee, offering you peace of mind. All these at an unbeatable price and value.


Innovating in optical industry to provide value added products and services at very competitive .


To be the world's No 1 value online optical store.


"Quality" is soul of our business. Our suppliers are carefully vetted and operate to highest ISO standards. We subscribe to the best practises and aim to be the leaders.

Your order is handled by a team of specialists and supervised by qualified and experienced Opticians.

Our Strength
  b  Quality b Bespoke fitting - A wide choice of standard and customised fitting service
  b  Total Care b Competitive price
  b  Wide ranges of choice b Prompt and fast delivery
  b  No nonsense, no quibble guarantee    
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Contact Us
145-157 St John Street
Monday to Friday
9.00am – 5.00pm
Phone: 020 3514 1405
Fax: 020 3514 1405
E-mail: info@glasses2home.co.uk
5 Langfield Crescent
Ontario, M9V 3L6
Monday to Friday
9.00am – 5.00pm
Phone: 001 416 786 2261
E-mail: info@glasses2home.co.uk
12/11 Rosedale Avenue
Glen Huntly
Victoria 3163
Monday to Friday
9.00am – 5.00pm
Phone: 0061 433 083 956
E-mail: info@glasses2home.co.uk
RAP & Bros.
Sarsa Khambholaj Road
P O. Sarsa, Ta & Di Anand
Gujarat-388365, India
Monday to Friday
9.00am – 5.00pm
Phone: 0091 98790 43283
E-mail: info@glasses2home.co.uk
Customer services

We promise to acknowledge and respond to your query in 24 hours.
To register your complain. Click here to log in to your account and fill the complaint form. Please ensure you have valid email address to logged in your account.

Feedback / Testimonial

 We constantly strive to improve and make your shopping experience with us as enjoyable as possible. We welcome and value your suggestions and comments. Please click below link to leave your comments and suggestions.
Click here to leave feed back.

Partnering with us / trade or business enquires
We are one of the fastest growing online optical store. Whether you are existing supplier or partner, or if you are interested in working with us please contact us on biz@glasseshome.co.uk

We are always on the look out for skilled, ambitious and talented people. Please contact our Human Resource Department for current vacancies at info@glasses2home.co.uk

Report Suspicious Activity

Glasses2Home is very concerned about their customer's details and security. Please report any suspicious activity to us at customercare@glasses2home.co.uk

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Eye Care & Test
To see if you qualify for a free NHS eye test. Please click on the below Link http://www.nhs.uk/
Why Buy From Us
We offer you
  b  Quality b  Assurance
  b No nonsense Guarantee b  Competitive prices
  b 24 hour service
Is buying glasses online safe?
YES it is because
  b  We employ qualified opticians b  We offer a secure online payment system via Paypal
  b  We operate to ISO quality standards b  Competitive prices
Will my glasses fit and suit me when I buy online?

One option is to try any glasses which you think fit and comfortable. All frame sizes are usually described in standard format like "50-24-135". Referring this example this means the lens diameter is 50mm the bridge (nose) is 24mm and the arm length is 135mm.

You can find this measurements on the inside arm or the back of the bridge. We display measurements for every pair that we offer for you to match.

We operate a 100% satisfaction or your money back policy. See our return and refund policy

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To order Frame only
Step 1
b  Select Frame

Select frame of your choice click on 'buy this frame'. The link will navigate you to checkout / Lens selection page

Step 2
b  Proceed to checkout

Select option Buy this frame only and proceed for accessories.

Step 3
b  Select Accessories

Select Accessories you wish to buy and proceed for payment.

To buy prescription glasses
Step 1
b  Buy Frame

Select frame of your choice click on 'buy this frame'.

Step 2
b  Select lense type

Select your prescription type you wish. For example ( Distant or Reading or Bifocal or Varifocal)

Step 3
b  Select lense coating

Select our package select our bundle or customize according to your requirements. (This options help you to customize your lens protection from UV, scratch, Glare etc..)

Step 4
b  Colour/tinted (Optional)

You may wish to buy coloured (Tinted) or Photochromic or polarised sunglasses). This are additional requirements for special protection like against reflections from water, snow etc.

Step 5
b  Enter your prescription

Now for step 1 you bought frame , through 2 and 3 you bought lens now it is time to inform us about your prescriptions.

Step 6
b  Buy Accessories

Any accessories that you might want to purchase

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To Buy Lense (Reglaze)
Select Lenses option , Now select Reglaze option. This will direct you to buy lenses for reglaze.
Step 1
b  Select your frame type.

Here select what type of existing frame you have. Like Rimless, Semi rim and full frame.

Step 2
b  Select lense type

Select your prescription type you wish. For example ( Distant or Reading or Bifocal or Varifocal)

Step 3
b  Select lense coating

Select our package select our bundle or customize according to your requirements. (This options help you to customize your lens protection from UV, scratch, Glare etc..)

Step 4
b  Colour you lens. (Optional)

You may wish to buy coloured (Tinted) or Photochromic or polarised sunglasses). This are additional requirements for special protection like against reflections from water, snow etc.

Step 5
b  Enter your prescription

Now for step 1 you bought frame , through 2 and 3 you bought lens now it is time to inform us about your prescriptions.

Step 6
b  Buy Accessories

Any accessories that you might want to purchase

To Buy Sunglasses
Step 1
b  Select Sunglasses

Select sun glasses of your choice click on' buy this sunglasses 'this will navigate you to lenses selection page

Step 2
b  Proceed to checkout

Select option Buy this sunglasses only and proceed for accessories.

Step 3
b  Select Accessories

Select Accessories you wish to buy and proceed for payment

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What information I need while ordering?

We need your prescription !

While placing order customers should provide correct details of your prescription including any notes on the prescription.

Information we need is: Your full name, as on the prescription e-mail, and postal address and prescription details Our online procedures are designed to assist and advise you to make best decision what is best appropriate option for you.

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Has my order been shipped

We endeavour to ship your order in four days. We will issue you with a tracking number.

You can check your order status by login in your account. Once we dispatch your order we will e-mail you the shipment details along with the expected delivery date.

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How can I change my order?

You need to log in to your account.

To change your personal details including delivery address: log in to your account.( Note this will be effective after two working days and any existing order awaiting for dispatch in these two days will automatically be delivered at your old address.

To buy additional product or add more quantity: Place new order.

To change existing order which is not dispatched yet : First you need to cancel your order.

To cancel delivered order: You need to follow return procedures.

To log in your account click here. To find out more about cancellation click here.

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Any queries about your order?

To find out about your order status you need to log in to your account.

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We aim to deliver the glasses within a maximum 15 working days period (10 processing day + 5 shipping day). As this depends on the complexity of your prescription and degree of customization requested, we will indicate the delivery date when your order is accepted.

Most of our customers receive glasses within 10 working days from ordering, we aim to deliver all orders within a maximum of 15 days. Should your prescription be of a complex nature we will contact you and advise you estimate delivery date.

Important Shipping Information

  • FREE Shipping on orders over £90 or using promotion code. (Excluding contact lenses and certain exchange orders).
  • Standard shipping cost £5.99 (5 working days) and Express service cost £9.99 (3 working days)
  • All international shipments will be shipped via nominated courier service. Necessary duties and taxes will be paid by the recipient. Courier service will contact the customer to collect the duties and taxes only applicable outside European Union.
  • "Day" refers to "business days" assuming that orders are placed within regular business hours.
  • All products must pass our quality control inspection before we ship your order.
  • One of our certified opticians will notify you in the event of any delay outside of normal estimated delivery times.
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Your order will be packed securely to ensure you receive you order in pristine condition.

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How can I track my order?

Once your order has been despatched we will e-mail you a link and a reference number to track your order, click on that link and follow instructions. You can check your order status from My Account.

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My order has been despatched but I have not received yet?

We advise you to track your order and allow at least five working days for your order to be delivered. Should you not receive in this time please contact Courier Company on the number provided in their website.

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We endeavour to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our products. On rare occasions when you may need to return the goods to us we have a very simple and effective returns procedure. Please log in My Account.

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How do I return Product?

See our return policy and guidelines – Follow the prescribed steps for returns.

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I received the wrong product.

We endeavour to deliver you the right product. Do not worry. You can return the product if the product is not the one you ordered. Please click here to return the product. And follow the steps.

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What is your return policy?

Click here know about return in details See 13.2

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Can I use my own frame?

Yes you can. Your frame must be in good condition to be reused . This is called reglazing. We also provide this service, Click here if you want to reglaze. Link 11 Reglaze. You can customise your lenses according to your requirements.

Can I buy frames only?

Select frame, click on buy and click on Buy frame only and proceed to check out.

Understanding Your Frame Size?
Lens Diameter
(Eye Size)
frame Horizontal width in millimeters of one of the frame's lenses. Ranges from
(~ 1½"–½")
Arm Length
(Temple Length)
frame Length of temple in millimeters from the temple tip to the hinge. Ranges from
(~ 4¾"–6")
Bridgth Width frame Distance in millimeters between the two lenses. Ranges from
(~ ½"–1")
Vertical B frame The height of the lenses in mm. The taller the lens the
greater your vision span.

Need progressive or bifocal lenses?
  • For both near and far vision you will need a frame that's tall enough.
  • A minimum Lens height Measurement of 25mm is recommended for progressive and bifocal lenses.
Ranges from
(~ ½"–1")
Frame Width frame Length of front side of the frame. Ranges from
85mm - 150mm
Already Wear Glasses?
The spectacle which you already have you will find the size on the arm length. All our frames are with complete size details. The best method is to order frame according to your size. All of our frames have measurements of the lens size, the distance between the lenses (DBL) and the side length. They are always in millimetres.
In this example, the important numbers are "52", "17" and"140". This tells you that the lens diameter is 52mm, the nose bridge gap is 17mm and that the arm length is 140mm. The lens diameter refers to the horizontal width in millimetres of one of the frame's lenses. The measurement is taken from the inside of one side of the frame to the inside of the other side of the frame. The nose bridge gap is the distance in millimetres between the two lenses. The arm length is the distance of each frame arm taken from the hinge to where it starts to bend at the ear.

This is the only information you need when ordering your eyeglass. If you need assistance identifying your frames, feel free to contact us at info@glasses2home.co.uk and our customer assistant will be more than happy to help.
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Does my frame need an adjustment?
In most cases your frame does not need any adjustment; however some time you may need minor adjustment in such a case most local Opticians will do this for you, some of them may charge a nominal fee. Or you can easily adjust eye glasses yourself by following the 1 to 5 steps. Warning be gentle when adjusting eyeglasses as Glasses2home is not liable if you break the frame or lenses.

Step 1
Stand in front of a mirror and look straight ahead.Position the eyeglasses so the middle of the lenses are located in the centre of your eyes. This is the optical centre and the ideal location for your eyeglasses. All adjustments to your eyeglasses should be made to achieve this optimal position.

Step 2
Level the temple arms. The temple arms extend over and around the ears and hold the frame in place. Lay the eyeglasses on a table or other level surface and if they appear crooked or twisted, manual adjustment is necessary.
  • For wire frames, gently bend the arms with small pliers until they are straight. Put the glasses on and observe in the mirror to see if they are correct. Wrap masking tape or electrical tape around pliers so you don't scratch your frames.
  • For plastic frames, the plastic on the lower arm must be heated by a warm air source, such as a hair dryer, to make the plastic pliable. Slowly move the plastic upward with your hands until it is in the desired position. Be careful using the hair dryer as you could melt the plastic. A better way is to warm a cup of water for 2 - 3 minutes in the microwave and submerge the arm of the glasses in the heated water for ten seconds.
  • If your eyeglasses appear level on your face but sit crooked when resting on a flat surface, this may mean that one of your ears is higher than the other. The temple arms should be bent to accommodate any differences in ear height.

Step 3
Adjust the Arm piecesIf the eyeglasses are digging into your ears, bend the earpiece section of the arms outward. Twist the arm pieces towards the head if they are too loose.

Step 4
Tighten the screws on each side of the temple.Doing this will fix glasses that are sliding down your nose and will keep the lenses secure within the frames.

Step 5
Fix the nose pads for comfort.If the eyeglasses sit too high on your face, the nose pads need to be moved apart. If the eyeglasses sit too low, then pinch the nose pads closer together.
Some tips to help you with your selection?
Face Shape Description
frame Rectangle
faces are longer with square jaws and strong cheekbones.

Try it:
Frames that are slightly wider than your temples will add width and reduce the length of your face.

Avoid it:
Anything that makes your face look longer, e.g. small square styles.

frame Round
faces are almost as wide as they are long.The features are softer and the jawline is rounded.

Try it:
Angular frames will detract from the roundness.Try rectangles to add definition to cheekbones.

Avoid it:
Anything round will emphasize roundness.Stay away from very large frames too.

frame Oval
faces have the length of the rectangle,but are more rounded.

Try it:
You’re lucky, most styles suit oval faces.Rounded and square styles look great. Add more definition with angular frames.

Avoid it:
deeper oval styles that echo the shape of the jaw.

frame Diamond
shaped faces narrow at the eye line and the jaw line with a small forehead and chin. Angular features with dramatic cheekbones

Try it:
Upswept styles like cat eye that emphasize the cheek bones. Oval frames that maintain balance. Rimless styles that allow cheek bones to shine.

Avoid it:
Narrow frames that draw attention to narrow eye line.

frame Square
shaped faces have distinctive jawbones, full cheeks and an even jaw and chin line. Find styles that narrow and lengthen.

Try it:
Oval and rectangle frames in fine metals. Frames with a high temple position will add length to your face.

Avoid it:
Anything wider than your face. Square styles will also emphasize width.

frame Heart
shaped faces have broader foreheads and pointed chins with small mouths. Go for styles that down-play the forehead width.

Try it:
Smaller frames without any fuss at the temples. Round frames work well too.

Avoid it:
Angular or rectangle styles.Anything wider than your face.

frame Triangular
shaped faces- are defined by a broad forehead and narrow mouth and chin.

Try it:
Semi-rimless frames that accentuate the upper face. Top-heavy styles that balance the width of the jaw. Frame bottoms that angle inward.

Avoid it:
Low-set temples that widen the jaw. Narrow frames that are out of proportion.

frame Oblong
faces are longer than they are wide with a long straight cheek line and sometimes longish nose.

Try it:
Like with an oval face, you look good in any style, so try anything from rectangular to cat's eye styles.

Avoid it:
Deeper oval styles that echo the shape of the jaw.

frame Inverted Triangular
shaped faces are opposite of triangular shape.

Try it:
Low-set temples that widen the jaw. Narrow frames that are out of proportion.

Avoid it:
Semi-rimless frames that accentuate the upper face. Top-heavy styles that balance the width of the jaw. Frame bottoms that angle inward.

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What are the lenses made of?

Our standard lenses are made of a lightweight plastic material called CR39. Our thinner lenses are made of a 1.67 high index material.

What Lens types I can choose

There are also many different styles of lenses. Lenses for single vision correction e.g. distance or reading, to Bifocals and Varifocals for the correction of both distance and reading within one pair of glasses.


Varifocal glasses blend gradually from your distance vision through your intermediate and in to your reading vision. This means that the lenses have to be accurately measured and aligned perfectly with your pupils.

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Bifocals are basically distance glasses with a reading segment in the bottom. Unlike Varifocals Bifocals are commonly sold online as the height measurement is far less crucial and averages can be used with great success.

Due to the fact that there is no gradual phase from distance into reading and they are just distance lenses with a reading segment Bifocals have a far wider corridor for reading than Varifocals but have no intermediate correction.

There are also various types or "shapes" of the reading segment.

D Shape: Typically the standard is the "D Seg" this one looks like the letter D or half moon on its side with the flat part it the top hence the name D Seg.

Round Shape: There is also a "round" segment in various sizes and executive

E Shape: bifocal where the whole bottom half of the lens is dedicated to reading.

Single Vision

"Single Vision" lenses can be used for just distance, just intermediate or just reading hence the name "single vision". However, some people who are slightly short sighted ("-" Power SPH prescriptions) will be able to read with their distance glasses.

Choosing The Correct Lens

We use Crizal Lenses (Essilor lenses) and Prime lenses. All Crizal lenses are automatically scratch protected and edge polished and come with a 100% accuracy and satisfaction guarantee. Click here for Crizal lenses.

Lenses come in many types and again, at first, things can become a little confusing. Glasses2home is happy to help you and guide you through all the stages of selecting your lenses. We have explained all information in detail so that you can understand and choose the best lens option for you.

Basically the higher the index number the thinner the lens will be.

Here are keys for choosing the best lens. Firstly, the higher your prescription - the higher the index that you need. A standard lens is considered to be 1.5 indexes.

Secondly, the reason a person will want a high index lens is to have a finished pair of spectacles that are thinner, lighter and more comfortable to wear. Your choice of spectacle frame will heavily influence the final finished job. Generally the smaller the frame the better the finished lenses will be.


Standard Plastic CR39 (1.5)
Ideal for mostsingle vision prescriptions because they are so much lighter and less breakable than glass lenses.Standard Plastic Lenses include scratch-resistant coating, and polished edges.

Polycarbonate (1.59)
An ideal option for prescriptions up to +5.00 and down to -5.00. About 30% Thinner than Standard.

Lenses are highly impact-resistant therefore they are perfect for:

  • Children
  • Sports
  • Eye protection
  • Certain rimless frames

High Index (1.67)
Probably the most popular of the thinner lens options. About 15% thinner than the 1.6 and 45% than standard. Ideal for prescriptions up to +7.00 and down to -7.00 prescription outside this range will look thick.

High Index (1.74)
The thinnest plastic lens available on the market. About 50% thinner than the 1.5 standard plastic and 30% lighter than the glass equivalent. Ideal for high prescription.

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Lens Coatings

Tints can be used to make "Plastic" lenses in to sunglass lenses and are available in many colours. However 1.74 single vision lenses cannot be tint as they already contain an antireflective coating to reduce "Power rings".


Basically they are same like sunglasses tint. These are lenses which are clear indoors but then "react" to UV (Sunlight) and "transform" into sunglasses. So it is like two in one. However 1.74 single vision lenses cannot be transitions.


Light reflected from surfaces like a flat road or smooth water is generally horizontally polarized. This horizontally polarized light is blocked by the vertically oriented polarizers in the lenses filtering our glare and allowing you to see below the water line. Available in grey or brown polarized lenses are ideal for fisherman and also for drivers.

Anti Reflective

Usually an anti reflective coating is referred to as an "MAR" (Multi Anti Reflective Coating). There are many benefits to an MAR. Firstly they are far more aesthetically pleasing as they reduce the amount of light reflecting off your lenses especially when having your photograph taken.

Other benefits include:-
  • Reduced glare when driving at night
  • People can see your eyes and not a patch of light
  • Filters out radiation from computer screens
  • Reduces "Power rings" visible rings on the lens in high prescriptions which is caused by light constantly bouncing back and forth within the lens due to total internal reflection.
  • Provides UV protection
  • Anti static aiding lens cleaning

MAR coated glasses for characters in Coronation Street to reduce reflections from studio lights and reflections of camera men in the characters glasses.

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Scratch- resistant coating

This coating protects your lenses against everyday wear and tear. It there enables you to have clearer vision for longer and it extends the life of your lens.

UV protection

Ultraviolet light from the sun can cause damage toy your eyes. You cannot see UV light from long term exposure.

UV radiation can cause many eye disorders e.g. cataracts and macular degeneration. A UV coating minimises the risk that UV-A and UV-B rays pose.

Entering your prescription

This information is to help you enter your prescription correctly during the ordering process. If you have any questions about your prescription, or if you feel at all unsure about entering it into our format, please call us on 020 3514 1405 and we'll be happy to help. Alternatively you can scan and attach it in your e-mail to prescriptions@glasses2home.co.uk

How do I can get prescription?

Once your optician has done your eye test, by law your Optician should give you your eye sight prescription at the same time. Prescription cost may differs from one optician to another.

How do I interpret prescription and enter on website?

It is very simple to understand your prescription. You should find at least the four things.

  1. Sphere (Sph)- The correction for long or short sightedness Values will be in multiple of  0.25 like 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and + or – unless is 0.00.
  2. Cylinder (Cyl)- The correction for an Astigmatism. Same as above except may consist + or -
  3.  Axis (Axis)- The axis that the correction for the Astigmatism needs to be set at. The degree between 0 to 180, but only if prescription has Cyl.
  4. Reading Addition (Add)- "+" value is included for us to interpret your reading prescription, only if you require glasses for both distance and for reading.

Depending on your prescription you may not be require to enter all of the elements. Leave the box blank if they are left on your prescription. It is very simple just follow the three steps.

  1. Find the correct box for right or left eye.
  2. Enter the correct number in the correct box.
  3. Check the correct + or – sign where applicable.
Should you still find it difficult or confusing, we will be happy to help. We are happy to help you. You can e-mail us your prescription on this e-mail prescriptions@glasses2home.co.ukor can call us on this 020 3514 1405.
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What type of glasses do I need? Distance, Intermediate, Reading, or Bifocal / Progressive Spectacles?

Your optician will prescribe you the glasses you need.  They maybe

Distance spectacles are for general use like driving or walking, to see distant object clearly. Some people wear distance glasses all the time for all tasks including close work.

Reading spectacles are for reading and close work. If your prescription has an “add” you will only be able to wear your glasses for close work and they will be blurred if you look in the distance.

Intermediate spectacles can be for computer work or occasionally they are set for reading music. They are similar to reading glasses but the range of the focus is set further away. Your Optician will give you a specific glasses prescription for this which may be a different “add” or a completely separate prescription.

Bifocal spectacles have a regular distance lens with a segment in the bottom for reading. These are for people with a reading add who would otherwise need separate specs for distance and reading.

I can't log in my prescription on your site!

We are unable to process orders for prescriptions that ……. fall outside the following set criteria.

  1. The combined SPH and CYL is greater than +/-8.00
  2. The CYL is over +/-4.00
  3. If there is more than 5.00D difference between each eye
  4. If the prism correction is over 4.00 in any direction.
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What do I do if I provide you prescription or other details incorrectly?

Should you have entered the prescription details incorrectly please do not worry, As a part of our quality procedure our qualified optician always check each and every prescription before we process your order. Should we find anything, irregularity or discrepancy we will contact you. If you receive prescription and it dose’nt seems correct we will correct the error.

Remember we will provide you 100% refund. If there is anything at all that you are not happy with about the glasses you can return them for a full refund.

What do I do if I provide you prescription or other details incorrectly?

Should you have entered the prescription details incorrectly please do not worry, As a part of our quality procedure our qualified optician always check each and every prescription before we process your order. Should we find anything, irregularity or discrepancy we will contact you. If you receive prescription and it dose’nt seems correct we will correct the error.

Remember we will provide you 100% refund. If there is anything at all that you are not happy with about the glasses you can return them for a full refund.

What is Pupillary Distance?

Pupillary Distance (PD)) is the distance (the industry standard is to measure in millimeters) between the centers of the pupils in each eye. This measurement is used when preparing to make prescription eyeglasses. Positioning lenses correctly in relation to the centre of the pupils is especially important for higher powered lenses due to the location of the optical centre of the lenses.

Prescriptions Example

Below are the examples from various high street opticians. All prescriptions are same; the only difference is they are presented in different way. Prescription contains enough information to prepare your glasses. These examples will help you to identify how your prescription looks in terms of layout so you can enter relevant information in the prescriptions.

Prescription Example 1


In this example the right eye is represented by the top row of values and the left eye by the second row of values. In the top row, the right eye's Sphere (SPH) value is 2.50, but the minus sign above it means this is actually -2.50. The right eye Cylinder (CYL) value is given as 1.00. Cylinder values always have 2 decimal places, and opticians often omit the decimal point, so the value 100 means 1.00. This figure also has a minus sign above it, so the resulting value we enter is -1.50.

Both eyes have an Axis (AXI) value of 180.

Neither eye has a Prism/Base value so these fields should be left as "Not applicable".

The prescription shows a Reading Addition, or Near Addition (ADD) of +1.50. This value describes the additional correction required to provide clear vision at very close, or reading distances, and is used particularly for varifocals, bifocals, or reading glasses. In this example, the Intermediate Addition (used for intermediate distance correction) is blank and these fields should be left as "Not applicable". Since there is only one Addition value (as opposed to one value for each eye), both the right and left eyes should be set to +1.50 in this case.

Here is a summary of the values that should be entered into the prescription form for the above prescription:


Prescription Example 2 NHS


In this example there are two sets of values provided: Distance, and Near. It is the Distance values that should be entered into the prescription form.

If you are ordering varifocals, bifocals, reading or intermediate glasses, then you will also need to enter the Reading (Near) and Intermediate Additions. The Intermediate Addition value of +1.50 is provided on this prescription in the Comments box underneath, and this should be assumed to apply to both eyes.

The Near Addition is not provided as a separate value. However, we are given the Sphere (SPH) values for each eye in the Near row of values. We can calculate the Near Addition from these, so they should therefore be provided in our Additional Information box on the prescription form, as follows:

Near Addition not provided on prescription, but Near SPH values are:
Right: -2.50
Left: -2.25
Here is a summary of the values that should be entered into the prescription form for the above prescription:

Prescription Example 3


The top row of values represent the right eye (denoted by the (R), and the second row is for the left eye (L). There are no Additions, or Prism/Base values shown, so these should all be left set to "Not applicable".

Here is a summary of the values that should be entered into the prescription form for the above prescription:


Prescription Example 4


In this example we have Sphere, Cylinder and Axis values for both eyes in the top section. No Prism/Base values are provided so these should be left set to "Not applicable".

No Intermediate Addition is provided. However, a Near Addition of +2.00 is given for each eye.

The details given in the bottom section of the prescription, labelled "Aided VA", are not required and do not need to be provided to us.

Here is a summary of the values that should be entered into the prescription form for the above prescription:


Prescription Example 5


- This time the signs have been written ABOVE the numbers - they are still just standard +/- signs
- Also, sometime optician write 100 instead of 1.00. It should still be entered as '1.00' with a decimal point
- There is only one value for Near ADD, this should be entered for both eyes
Here is a summary of the values that should be entered into the prescription form for the above prescription:


Prescription Example 6


In this example, the right eye values are given in the top section of the prescription, and both the Sphere and Cylinder have minus signs (-) above them, indicating that they are negative values.

The left eye is given in the second section, with a negative Sphere of -2.00.  Note the value "DS" given for the left eye Cylinder.  This means "Dioptre Sphere", and simply means that the Cylinder value is zero. The left eye Axis value is blank, which means that too is zero.

A Near Addition (ADD) of +2.00 is given for right eye and +1.00 for left eye.  A Pupillary Distance (PD) of 75mm is also provided.

Here is a summary of the values that should be entered into the prescription form for the above prescription


More unusual figures

Sometimes figures like this appear on your prescription. These are not needed to make your lenses.


Some prescriptions have this figure, which looks like a sideways 8. This means 'infinity'. And you should select 'infinity' from the list.


This prescription also has some figures scrawled underneath these are Additions for both intermediate and near distances. Even though it's a single figure, it applies to both eyes.


This would be written like this:


Here's the above prescription entered correctly online


However, in some case your optician may have given you your "complete reading prescription" as well as your "complete distance prescription". If this is the case your prescription will have two complete rows of figures as pictured below.


If your prescription looks like this and all you require is single vision reading glasses simply enter the bottom row of figures in the SPH CYL & AXIS boxes on the website.

If you require Bifocal or Varifocal Glasses we will need work out your reading addition for you and tell you what to enter online in the Near/Add boxes (The difference between the 2 prescriptions).

You can call our help line number on 020 3514 1405.

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I have my current frame for which I just need lenses. Can you fit lenses in my current frame?

Yes this is called reglazing, We can 'reglaze' your glasses with new lenses in your existing glasses. This will not only save you money on frame but also ensure that you will be wearing the glasses that you already know fit and suit you.

Just follow the process.

1. Click on this link to buy the lenses only. Do not select frame just skip the frame selection part.

2. Select the lenses and coating you want for your glasses.

3. Courier us your frame at the mentioned address. Mentioned here UK address for delivery.

Do you sell prescription sunglasses?

Yes, you can choose a permanent tint which looks like sunglasses but contains your prescription. This is available in grey or brown. Alternatively you can choose TRANSITIONS lenses which darken in the sunshine and lighten indoors. There are various reacting lenses available but we believe that transitions are the best and therefore we only supply genuine transitions.

Buying your glasses online is surely going to be fun, exciting and hassle free experience , now that you've taken time to read this guide However, if you need any help along the way simply write us an e-mail on customercare@glasses2home.co.uk or click on the live help button on the website.

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How do I create an account?

How do I create an account?

  1. Click on My account link on homepage.       
  2. Fill your details in new customer if you are new customer
  3. After filling detail select continue.
How do I edit my account information?

How do I create an account?

  1. Click on My account link on homepage.
  2. Log in using your e-mail into Returning customer.
  3. Under the option you will see Edit Icon click on this to edit the details.
I have forgotten my password?

Do not worry if you have forgotten your password, go to my account under the heading returning customers click on link 'forgotten password'. Enter your e-mail address that you have registered. With this we will e-mail you the password.

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How much will the postage cost?

Shipping is fixed which is £5.99 Simply add items to your cart and proceed to the checkout page where you will be offered shipping price.

Terms & Condition

Glasses2Home’s terms and conditions for supply of goods and services.
Any Order and or purchase of any Goods and or services at any point of time from any location of the world by any media from Glasses2Home here referred as G2H or www.glasses2home.com the following terms and conditions apply. You are being advised to read carefully.

These Conditions covers:
The terms We, Us, G2H, www.glasses2home.com, www.glasses2home.co.uk also referred for “Glasses 2 Home” which is trading name of Girba Limited registered under company Act of England and Wales where company registration number is 07423946. Trading on the internet as www.glasses2home.com or www.glasse2home.co.uk , over the phone 0203 5141405 and by email customercare@glasses2home.co.uk

Return Policy

Thinking of Returning Item? Do not worry!

Log in to your account and fill returns form with reason for returning.

We will contact you and will send you return form.

 You need to attach the form along with your return.

On satisfactory receipt of the item we will refund your money within 15 days. Provided the following conditions are met.

Return Condition

The conditions of return
You may return, exchange or receive a refund on your glasses if you are unhappy with them for any reason, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You need to let us know within seven days after they have been delivered (15 days for varifocal). The returned glasses need to reach us within 20 days of our original dispatch date , within 15 days for sunglasses.( 28 Days for Varifocal)
  2. Include the returns authorisation form, which we e-mail to you once you inform us.
  3. Returns must be in their original condition and packaging as when bought including any accessories that came with your order (e.g. cases and cloths).
  4.  You were not advised when you purchased (by our opticians or by information on the website) that your original order was inappropriate for your needs.
  5. You have not made error while entering prescription.

Your right to cancel Under the Distance Selling Regulations, you have the right to cancel the contract for the purchase at any point from the time of ordering and upto seven working days after delivery.

  1. If we've already dispatched your order, you'll need to re package the items and send them back to us. Along with the cancellation form which we email you, once you inform us.
  2. If your order has not been dispatched yet, you need to inform us. To do this log in to your account and fill refund form.
How to Return

We may provide collection service from your Home to our office at your own cost and risk. We don't receive t item back from you, we may arrange for collection of the item from your residence at your cost. We will refund the balancing amount of the purchase price for that order, within 15 days from the date of receipts of your returned product.

When you return product we advise that you post by using recorded or registered delivery so you can obtain proof of delivery, If you are sending by courier services, Please ensure that you retain receipts of despatch with tracking number. Your statutory rights in relation to returns and refunds are not affected

For further information please see our Return and cancellation policy at above.

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Customer's Obligation.

By processing or submitting your order us/Glasses2Home you confirm that:

  1. You are aged 16 or over and are not registered blind or partially sighted;
  2. You are in possession of a valid written prescription for your spectacles that has been given to you by a suitably qualified person e.g. optician! in the last 24 months (or 12 months if you are aged 70 or over); and
  3. You will supply accurate details of your current prescription (including any notes on the prescription) when requested.
Delivery Terms

Glasses2Home will endeavours to ensure your order are dispatched to you as soon as possible after successfully receiving your order.

  1. You will be notified by e-mail at the time your Goods are dispatched.
  2. Delivery of the Goods will be made to the address provided by you at the time you place your Order.
  3. If your Goods are not delivered within a seven days of you receiving notification of dispatch, you should contact us. On receipt of goods customer must inspect goods to ensure that goods are according to the order and expectations.
  4. In the case of non delivery, due to any reason, you will be offered free re-delivery or refund at your discretion. Email us on this email to inform us for non delivery customercare@glasses2home.co.uk
  5. Delivery charges will applies and such charges will be shown while processing your order.
  6. Glasses2Home will endeavour to deliver in secure manner.
Confirmation of Order
  1. Any Orders request to G2H Direct must be submitted either via the web at www.glasses2home.com, or by telephone on 0203 5141405 or by any other means provided by us to process order including completing a mail order form in the current catalogue.
  2. By submission of an Order represents an offer is made to purchase Good/s or service/s from G2H. This is not an acceptance of order by us; we will confirm the acceptance and receipt of order by e-mail or telephone. The confirmation and we may confirm receipt of this offer via e-mail (if the Order is placed via the Site) or verbally (if the Order is placed via telephone).
  3. Orders are only accepted by us once your payment has been successfully processed and such order have been reviewed and authorised by a qualified Optician. In the case of the non prescription goods, services and the Home Trial service, your order is accepted once the required payment has been accepted or when the relevant goods are shipped back, whichever occurs first. We will confirm acceptance of your Order via e-mail or verbally.

We may in the case:

  1. Of the Home Trial service Glasses2Home may send partial goods if some goods are unavailable.
  2.  On the advice of our opticians Glasses2Home reserve the right that we have absolute discretion as to whether or not to accept your Order.

Our dispensing optician may contact you if he or she thinks it is necessary or appropriate before an Order is accepted, and our Dispensing Opticians have absolute discretion:

  1. to contact you to discuss your Order, and may sought any required information concerning to successfully  process your order, to provide advice , to arrange consultation with you;
  2. to request that you send us a copy of your written prescription;
  3. to contact directly, or request that you contact, the optician who provided your prescription to verify and/or discuss your prescription;
  4. to request that you obtain your pupillary distance (PD) measurement from your optician; or
  5. request that you obtain a new written prescription from your optician.
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Limitation of Supply

Glasses2Home will make a reasonable effort to ensure that all orders are fulfilled; however we cannot always guarantee the availability of Goods due to rapidly changing fashion and nature of business we may have to depend on third party for the supply. If the Goods you have ordered are unavailable, we will attempt to contact you to give you a choice to receive an alternative or a refund. If we are unable to contact you or you are not happy with such an alternative offered to you, your order will be cancelled and you will be given a full refund.

Price Policy
  1. Prices stated are exclusive of any UK Value Added Tax (VAT), VAT rate will be the rate which is in effect at the point of sale i.e. confirmation of order.
  2. We will endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the prices and price related information stated in our current catalogue and on the Site. The prices on the catalogue will be valid for the period mentioned on the catalogue or publication of new catalogue whichever is earlier period.
  3. We cannot guarantee that price will be error free and misprice an item inadvertently. In the case of error or mistake, the order processing department will notify you of the error before your payment are processed. You will then have the choice to either accept the correct price or to cancel your Order.
  4. Always place your orders directly through the glasses2home.co.uk we never ask make payment directly to our bank account send us cheques or cash. We do not guarantee such transactions and we will not be responsible for such transactions
What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit/debit card payments. VISA Mastercard, Paypal, Google Checkout, Paypal and Amex. We do not accept any vouchers at the moment.

How secure making online Payment with Glasses 2 Home?

It is very secure. The entire website including the payment processing is tested very day by a third party (McAffee)

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What is your guarantee policy?

We practise 100% Refund of your Frame and lenses except of courier charge. on all the spectacles we provide to you. Expectantly you'll never need it, but it's there for complete peace of your mind.

What are the postage and packaging costs?

Postage cost will be shown while ordering glasses for normal delivery it is £5.99

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These Terms of Use govern your conduct associated with the Customer Ratings and Review service offered by Glasses2Home. To the extent of any conflict between Glasses2Home Privacy Policy and these Terms of Use, these Terms of Use shall control with respect to the Customer Rating and Review Service.
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All content that you submit may be used at Glasses2Home's sole discretion. Glasses2Home reserves the right to change, condense or delete any content on Glasses2Home's website that The Glasses2Home deems, in its sole discretion, to violate the content guidelines or any other provision of these Terms of Use. Glasses2Home does not guarantee that you will have any recourse through Glasses2Home to edit or delete any content you have submitted. Ratings and written comments are generally posted within two to four business days. However, Glasses2Home reserves the right to remove or to refuse to post any submission for any reason. You acknowledge that you, not Glasses2Home, are responsible for the contents of your submission. None of the content that you submit shall be subject to any obligation of confidence on the part of Glasses2Home, its agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners or third party service providers and their respective directors, officers and employees.

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We appreciate your comments and suggestions. To do so ….to leave one please click here.

From Account and contact us.


Plano, 0.00, Infinity - All mean the same thing nothing! Or No correction is needed.
DS – “Dioptre Spheres” Usually appears under the CYL box indicating that there is no astigmatism (No CYL value). However, this can sometime appear after a reading addition.

OD – Means your right eye.
OS – Means your left eye.
PD – “Pupillary Distance” is the distance between the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other in millimeters. I would like to take a moment to talk about your “PD” as this has caused much debate in dispensing glasses online.

Opticians generally will not give this to you as they will probably figure that you wish to buy your glasses online and not from them.

In most cases, except for those with particularly high prescriptions, we can calculate this usually within a millimetre using experience and certain order criteria such as your gender and the size of frame you have chosen etc.

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We value your comments, opinions and suggestions and review!
When writing your review, please consider the following guidelines:

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